Pre-Kindergarten Room

Pre-Kindergarten Room imageThe pre-kindergarten room at First Years Academy exposes children to a variety of different activity areas in their classroom. We’ve adopted a diverse selection of materials to encourage children to be focused, learning, and exploring their world.

Activity areas in the room include an art area to allow for creative exploration, a dramatic play area for them to socialize and imagine (with ever-changing themes), a manipulatives center for exploration of the senses, a book corner to encourage literacy and a love of reading, and a circle time area to come together to create a classroom community.

What Our Pre-Kindergarten Room Curriculum Covers

We combine direct teacher instruction with our activity areas to teach pre-kindergarteners about writing, science, math, and the essentials before reading. The concept is to prepare them for kindergarten and the school years to follow. Our mathematics program focuses on math concepts, including scales, pattern blocks, counters, and other useful learning devices. We cover the days of the week and other calendar concepts. Story-telling is also a big part, encouraging children to share their ideas and options. Lastly, we perform hands-on experiments and cooking projects to teach the little ones about science concepts.

What is a Typical Day Like for Pre-Kindergarten Room Children?

A typical day for a pre-kindergarten child will include many activities. There will be plenty of free play to explore their independent choices. Additionally, they will do arts and crafts to encourage expression and creativity growth. Music and reading times are also included to expand their language comprehension. The most active part of the day will be outdoor play to promote exercise an overall good health. Lastly, children will be given rest time to regroup and re-center each day.

At First Years Academy, creating a nurturing environment where your pre-kindergartener can prepare for school is paramount. Our goal is to help your child discover and explore the world around them. We want to foster their curiosity, and help them investigate to find the answers through our specialized curriculum.