Enrichment Programs

We offer several enrichment programs to compliment our standard curriculum. These programs are designed to target specific areas so your children can explore, learn, and grow. Here is a breakdown of the enrichment programs that we offer.


To explore music and movement, we offer our Kindermusik program created for each stage of a child’s development. It is designed to stimulate their minds, bodies, and nurture their sense of play through a series of activities. Early literacy and language exposure are also targeted through music by Kindermusik. We offer three ascending levels in our toddler room and preschool room. It is a blend of songs, stories, and activities that integrate musical instruments, movement, and singing. Our stories, musical instruments, and activities come from all over the world, and that can expand your child’s creativity!

Enrichment Programs - Nutrition image

Fitness Enrichment Programs

There are two curriculums for fitness that the State of Minnesota has praised; we combine both of them in our program. IMIL (I am Moving I am Learning) and CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) are the two programs we use. Each one is designed to teach healthy food choices in addition physical activity. Additionally, we strive to teach children how to balance their exercise and eating choices for a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, it encourages children to walk, run, jump, dance, and move their whole body while playing and having fun!


It is beneficial to introduce the children to the Spanish language in Preschool. We choose a different theme each month, such as numbers, colors, and body parts to name a few. For instance, we add new words to our vocabulary using games, songs, books, and flash cards. Though children under 3 will have some difficulties, we encourage all the children to pronounce words correctly. Occasionally, they won’t be able to pronounce them at all. However, by exposing them at such a young age, it makes it easier later on in their academic career.


Nutrition is a vital component of growth, development, and overall health. We use a program/character called LANA. LANA is an iguana that loves to eat fruits and vegetables!  The goal of LANA (Learning About Nutrition through Activities) is to help young children learn to taste, eat, and enjoy more fruits and vegetables in order to promote good health.  We focus on a different fruit or vegetable each month with weekly cooking projects so the children can enjoy snacks they make themselves starting in preschool. We integrate puppets to teach them about the fruits and vegetables through fun activities. A new recipe card will be given out each week for the children to take home. This will allow you to see what foods your children are trying and open a dialogue about healthy eating.